Start-up Development

Medavise guides entrepreneurs and start-ups along their path to success.

Finding a novel and creative way to help patients can be difficult enough; finding the right resources at the right time to make your idea a success can be an even greater challenge. Medavise’s founder, Britt Norton, leverages the lessons learned from his own medical device start-up experience to empower your strategic planning and decision-making. Whether your plan is to build a virtual organization or to grow a classical business operation, Medavise can help you get organized, communicate your opportunity and find the right resources to achieve your goal. Because even a genius needs a wingman.

Business Planning & Communication

A good business plan for any concept starts with a thorough understanding of the market and the competitive technology and regulatory landscape. Medavise has experience in assessing each these areas and can find the gaps and opportunities that fit your medical technology. We can support your business concept by identifying specific user needs, performing initial-stage financial modeling, and offering technical support for your reimbursement strategy. Once all of the components are complete, Medavise can construct a business plan with an award-winning technique to tell the compelling story of your concept and opportunity, along with related investor and advisory board materials to support your investment activities.

Technical Communication

As inventors and technologists, Medavise engineers have the ability to understand your technology and help to interpret, manage and communicate your technical information. We bridge the gap between the language used in business and technology. From technical writing of white papers, manuscripts and advertising copy through interfacing with your patent counsel and preparing technical content for regulatory submissions or internal quality documentation, Medavise helps the rest of the world understand what makes your idea and company unique.

Expert Network

With its decades of experience in the medical device field, Medavise has an extensive expert network and can recommend some of the best resources that are well-suited to the entrepreneur and start-up such as:

  • Product Design
  • Packaging development & testing
  • Mechanical & biomedical testing
  • Clinical evaluations
  • Reimbursement strategy & HEOR
  • Component manufacturing
  • Product & accessory kit assembly
  • Biological safety and physiochemical
  • Intellectual property & corporate law
  • Branding & web development


The client is a “mature” start-up orthopedic company that had spun off of from a parent company to develop an unrelated Class III device.  Medavise performed an analysis of the client’s technology in comparison to existing technologies, as well as a market, competition and regulatory analysis to support Phase I requirements of the client’s design control system.  While satisfying these requirements, these analyses also formed the basis for the relevant sections of the client’s business plan and other investment materials.  The client has attracted significant investment of capital and has begun clinical trials of its device.


The client is a start-up company developing a Class II technology for connective tissue repair.  Stemming from a technology-transfer deal from a major US university, the client has been funded to the point of feasibility studies in an animal model.  Medavise has provided technology support as part of an effort by the client to find a strategic partner who might license or purchase the technology.  As a result of this effort, Medavise is helping the client to evaluate strategic options in order to make the technology more attractive to potential partners, including development of the device and performance of verification & validation (V&V) testing to support US and international regulatory filings.


The client is a start-up company developing a Class I device for use in the in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) market.  Medavise was engaged to perform market, competition, technology and regulatory analyses and prepare the client’s business plan.  Medavise has also provided support in the creation of the client’s Medical Advisory Board, selection of a product development partner and helps to evaluate the deliverables provided by the client’s suppliers.  The client will soon begin the search for institutional investment with a functional prototype, compelling business plan and support from a distinguished advisory board in hand.

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